Centers and Institutions of School of Ecology and Environmental Sciences



Department of Ecology

Department of Environmental Sciences

Department of Environmental Engineering

Environmental Science and Ecology Undergraduate Lab Center

Ecological Sample Database

Research Centers:

Institute of Ecology and Geobotany

Institute of Environmental Sciences and Ecological Restoration

Ecological Civilization and Sustainable Development Research Center of Yunnan Province

Key Laboratory of Plateau Mountain Ecology and Resource of Yunnan Province

Biodiversity Database of Yunnan Province

State Key Laboratory of Biological Resource Protection and Utilization of Yunnan Province (Co-Founder)

Innovative Research Center of Southwest Biological Resource Protection and Utilization of Yunnan Province (Co-Founder)

Asian International River Centre of Yunnan University (Co-Founder)

UNESCO-Costeau Ecotechnie Chair

Botanic Monitor Station of UNESCO Global Pollution Network

Fieldwork Stations:

Mei-Li Snow Mountain Fieldwork Station

Ai-Lao Mountain Fieldwork Station

Ji-Ning Lake Watershed Ecological Fieldwork Station

Mou-Ding Forest Transformation Ecological Research Station