Postdoc Position in Landscape Ecology and Spatial Ecology

Postdoc Position in Landscape Ecology and Spatial Ecology


Institution: School of Ecology and Environmental Sciences, Yunnan University, China

Position overview:

Vegetation and biodiversity mapping using spaceborne remote sensing data, as well as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) imagery; Forest ecosystem change detection and long term monitoring; Urban and watershed sustainable eco-management and planning.

Job Type: Postdoctoral Fellowship Researcher (Full time)



(1) Candidates have a Ph.D. degree for less than 3 years;

(2) Candidates have one of the related professional backgrounds of vegetation ecology, landscape ecology, urban ecology, watershed ecology, and remote sensing and geographic information systems;

(3) the ability to independently engage in scientific research, be familiar with RS / GIS software and spatial analysis,

(4) Full-time post-doctoral work station time of not less than 21 months.


(1) CV (in Chinese or English);

(2) A list of papers/publications to date (in English). Please separate peer-reviewed papers and other papers/publications.

(3) One copy of each of three key publications (photo-copies are acceptable).  In principle, only include publications of which you are the sole or first author.

(4) An outline of your research achievements as well as an outline of your future research plan at School of Ecology and Environmental Sciences (two pages of A4 sheet for each outline)

(5) one or two referee(s) (referees cannot be Yunnan University staff members).


Selection will take place based on a review of the application documents/materials and subsequent interviews for shortlisted candidates, if necessary. Candidates selected for an interview will be notified of the date as soon as possible after the completion of the first selection stage. Please note that traveling expenses to the university for the purpose of attending the interview will be at the cost of the interviewee. Candidates living abroad can be interviewed over Skype or Zoom, if necessary.

*Application documents/materials will not be returned. If you wish them to be returned, please enclose a stamped, self-addressed return envelope with your application forms.


Application deadline:

This position is long-term available. However, the applications only can be selected twice per year, one is before 30th of April, and the other is before 31st of October.


Salary and research funds:

150,00 - 200,000¥ per year; the scientific research start-up fund not less than 100,000¥; The outstanding postdoctoral candidates school will can be selected to track the tenured position in the University.


Dr. Wang Wenli

Cell phone:13888461491,

Email: wwl @ ynu.edu.cn; zhiming_zhang76@hotmail.com